Pilarecom Group

Pilarecom Group is a company of General Contractor. The company is domiciled in Surabaya and also has a supporting branch in Jakarta. Initially the company was owned by the first generation. However, today, Pilarecom Group has been passed on to the second generation where the second generation wants to change the corporate image to be more modern.

We conduct a thorough analysis in the selection of new logos from Pilarecom Group. We consider the Company's Vision and Mission in the future, as well as a new image to be built on the company. Therefore, we offer a new logo concept to Pilarecom Group.


We chose the image of rice plants as the logogram of this company because of the great meaning that exists in a plant like paddy. In addition to symbolizing prosperity, the image of paddi also reflects the policy as in the old Indonesian proverb, "Semakin tua, semakin merunduk, dan semakin berisi." Indonesia can’t be regarded as a prosperous and developed country without any development. Therefore, it is expected that Pilarecom Group can continue what has been built and can be a part in building Indonesia into a developed, prosperous and developing country.


Orange color we choose because orange color has a psychological effect as a vibrant color. Given that Pilarecom Group has now passed on to the younger and vigorous second generation, we feel this color is best suited to be applied as the company's basic colors. Great expectations of the second generation to be able to continue the success or can exceed the success that has been achieved by the first generation.