Pourvous Coffee & Tea is a new cafe (Coffee and Tea Shop) located in Bandung, Indonesia. Pourvous is a café that concocts the English Breakfast concept of All Authentic British Style.

We analyze the concept and desires of the owner as well as the benefits of the cafe thoroughly so that we create a new branding concept to this Pourvous.

Initially the owner just wanted to highlight the name of Pourvous Coffee & Tea only. But according to our analysis, better add the word 'Authentic' to further highlight the benefits of this cafe, where this cafe provides Authentic English Coffee and Tea. For local coffee, Pourvous provides superior Java Coffee which will be in its own branding and will be sold exclusively in the cafe.


We do not choose to highlight the logogram because according to our analysis, the use of logotype 'Airbag' will further strengthen the concept of 'All Authentic British' it. Although Pourvous is actually a bit difficult to pronounce by the Sundanese or Indonesia, Pourvous itself is a new cafe that has not been branding and widely known as other cafes in Bandung and Indonesia. Therefore, the use of logotype is still much better than the use of logogram concepts.

Visual Merchandiser

Branding for a cafe is not complete without Visual Merchandiser, therefore we also help Pourvous branding its visual merchandisers ranging from sign shop, glass, packaging, paper-bag, to ID Card with the aim to help strengthen the concept of All Authentic British And the brand value of Pourvous itself.