PT. Berkat Karunia Jaya Sejahtera (BKJS) was originally a Traditional Bulding Material Store located in Jogjakarta. However, BKJS Building Material Store is getting more developed and developing so it is currently forming to a Perseroan Terbatas (PT). It requires a new branding to develop its image.

Things we do before creating a new logo image from PT. BKJS is to analyze the future step of PT. BKJS after becoming a company. We help PT. BKJS creates a vision and mission of the company so we also do the analysis of the desired logo creation. The special request of the owner is about the presence of soil elements in the logogram and wants a simple and memorable logogram.


The soil element we describe here has several layers that we gradiate as many as five layers of deep red, orange, to yellow. For the main color we choose is orange. Then the addition of the letter 'B' as a point of view in the logogram is to highlight the name and meaning of the company in the word 'Berkat’ or ‘Blessing’ so that later more easily remembered.


Orange we choose as the main color because the orange color has a psychological side that is full of spirit and interesting. Spirited to develop again PT. BKJS in order to grow larger, and try to attract public attention to the new image of PT. BKJS which is no longer a Traditional Building Material Store, but has become a new company that will grow in the future of Bulding Material Supplier Industry in Jogjakarta and Indonesia.

Visual Merchandiser

PT. BKJS is a new company, so we try to make branding for PT. BKJS in the field of Visual Merchandiser to be able to strengthen the image of PT. BKJS. In addition to making business cards and letterhead, we direct PT. BKJS to create envelopes that can later be used as envelopes to send letters such as billing letters or quotations. We also direct PT. BKJS to create a Full Set Compact Disc which will be filled Company Profile PT. BKJS that can be distributed to prospective customers.