Royal Avila Hotel & Resort

Royal Avila is a 5 stars Hotel & Resort on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. This hotel applies the concept of united with nature which is in strategic location that is in coastal island of Lombok.

We do a thorough analysis to build the image of Royal Avila as a 5 stars Hotel & Resort located in Lombok.

Elegant Blue Tulip

Elegant Blue Tulip was chosen as a logogram because of the request from the owner who came from a family of Dutch descent. Elegant we choose, as an image booster that Royal Avila is one of the luxury hotels located in Lombok. Blue Tulip flowers are chosen because, according to Dutch belief, the Blue Tulip Flower is a peacefulness. The image is suitable for use as an image of Hotel & Resort that supports the peacefulness and privacy for its guests.


Psychologically, the blue color is identical with the color that can be peacefulness. In accordance with previous logogram selection concept, blue color reinforces the image of Royal Avila.

Visual Merchandiser

Branding for a Hotel & Resort is not complete without Visual Merchandiser, therefore we also help Royal Avila to branding its visual merchandisers from hotel products such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and towels, As well as some merchandises from hotels such as bodybags and wax seals.