Upomset.com is a company website that is engaged in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For those who still feel foreign to the term SEO, this website will be able to help improve our Website Rank on search engines like on google.

We do a thorough analysis of the Vision and Mission of this company before creating a logo for UpOmset.com. And in the end, we create a logo that reflects the company's trademark.


Paper plane we choose for several reasons. The main reason for the paper plane is a miniature aircraft that is identical to always fly up to the top. We consider that the paper plane is in line with the company's vision and mission that aims to help our clients to improve their website rankings in search engines. Another reason is that the identical paper plane is easily made by everyone. Almost anyone can make a paper plane, both young and old. This concept is what we take because we want to emphasize, that in the current era of globalization, UpOmset.com is one very easy way to use to help facilitate our work later.


Psychologically, the blue color is identical with the color that can be soothing. We consider that UpOmset.com will be a company you can trust so you can be calm when you become a client of this company. In addition to professionals, UpOmset.com is a company that is responsible and provide warranty when later when the rank of the website does not rise within a certain time.